Leading Telecom Software Editor

Deployment & Support We deploy and support 4G and 5G core network solutions for Teleco operators at EMEA. The team is based at Tunis and is responsible to deliver projects on Bare-Metal, Virtual and Cloud Native solutions.

Cloud computing Service Provider

Software development and QA on core network equipment We support the cloud computing service provider on maintaining and developing his products. The team is principally specialized in testing and automate testing for Media Gateway, SBC and IMS products

World leader in communication products

Software and middleware development for connected TV set-top The communication player wanted to surround itself with external partners, experts in embedded systems, to support its software and middleware development activities. Missions of development and maintenance of middleware and development and integration of low and application layers.

Software company for the digital home

Software Development and QA on set-top boxes and gateways With a team of more than 40 engineers, we support our Client on developing, maintaining and testing his middleware software for set-top boxes and gateways. With more than 10 years of collaboration, we participated in developing many products and we have supported our client to deploy […]