Ministry of economy

A Marketplace for innovative analytical and predictive services Datafactor is a research project aimed at realizing a rich marketplace for analytical and predictive services. Example of application domains are digital twins for predictive maintenance of infrastructures (e.g. bridges, tunnels, railways), policy simulators for government administrators (e.g. mayors, governors that wants to simulate their politic decisions […]

Mail services

Smart Letter Box The project aims to transform mailboxes into intelligent control units through the configuration with various types of sensors connected via IoT. The target is to reach 11,000 SMART mailing boxes across the country by 2022 The devices equipped with innovative technology will also have a temperature, humidity and pollution sensor will provide […]

Customs services

AI for Stock and Intelligent Warehouse It is a solution created to manage the goods in a warehouse in all its process phases, from receipt of goods to their storage, handling and picking. Integrating devices such as IoT sensors, video cameras, Artificial Intelligence analysis, the system allows the control of the access of people (using […]

Ministry of justice

IT System and Application Management We guarantee a series of dedicated services and projects, including System and Network Assistance, User and Workstation Assistance, support services for the use of Applications and Database Maintenance, Site Management Services and Specialist Support Services. Approximately provided IT Service Management 40.000 workstations assisted, about 6.800 servers managed, over 70.000 users.