E-health player

Development of applications and drivers for health card terminals For a French company operating in the field of health by offering e-health services. We collaborate to develop embedded software and drivers for health card terminal and applications for health services: application for reading health cards under Android, development of solutions for creating “DMP” (“Dossier Médical […]

Healthcare player

Development of an AI based image processing solution Our client designs and manufactures medical imaging equipment and develops associated image processing software. Some tasks to be performed by practitioners are time consuming and can be automated. We collaborate to study the feasibility and develop an image processing solution based on artificial intelligence.

Medical imaging player

Development of 2D & 3D medical image processing software For a medial player specialized in medical imaging equipment and data/image processing software. We work with them on the development, test and validation of 2D & 3D medical image processing software. We participate to design the architecture and develop the functionalities of the 2D and 3D […]

Healthcare player

Development of new digital medical services For a major player in homecare worldwide, an expert in homecare for chronic diseases and a supplier of medical gases to hospitals. We are participating to the development of new digital medical services for Air Liquid. Our strong reactivity and ability to cover the entire process, from product design […]