Pioneer in advanced technology

DataCenter Infrastructure project For a pioneer in the development of advanced technology and materials – has been the international leader in the design and production of advanced industrial machines and plants for processing natural stone, ceramic, metals and in the development of engineered stone production plants and in additive manufacturing. The customer wanted to significantly […]

Player specialized in pvc products

Industry 4.0 project For a leader specialized in the production of flat and tubular films, tubes, connectors and flexible containers in PVC. According to the specific needs of the customer, the type of solution proposed, and its flexibility have made it possible to interface heterogeneous machines of different technologies and to model the flow of […]

Leader in roasting

ERP Solution – Roasting Coffè Sector For a company specialized in roasting based in Modena with over 200 years of history. The Freeway® Skyline solution for companies specializing in the processing and sale of coffee was created to meet the wide range of needs of this sector and is developed by working closely with numerous […]

Distribution of spare parts to the marine

ERP Solution – Secondary  Sector For a global player specialized in distribution of high-quality spare parts to the international marine industry using its manufacturing base in Genoa, Italy to produce articles of precision to rival original equipment makers. Thanks to our ERP Freeway® Skyline, we melted different companies and his different Information Systems, and we […]