Large Swiss Insurance

Global data, forecasting and risk management, at the service of actuaries​ We collaborate on major projects with Business Intelligent specialists in charge of defining ETL and LT processes, integrations, modelling analysis, data visualizations, for actuaries. We also provide development experts of the integration platform between actuaries and BI tools.​

Major German Insurance

“Simply Program” to modernize the Finance synthesis system The objective of the “Simply Program” is to modernize the Finance synthesis system to meet future challenges in terms of volumes and levels of detail, production times and frequency, data quality, reporting complexity, etc. We provided the scoping phase, the comparison of design scenarios: Data Warehouse vs […]

Large Italian Insurance

Set up of the DataSmart Program: 360° Multi-Network Customer Vision We implemented the DataSmart program, which consists of building a cross-functional Data Lake (P&C, Life, Health and Personal Protection branches) aiming at a 360° multi-network customer view. The issues are to be able to develop up and cross selling, to measure the sales performance of […]

Major French Insurance

Preventing frauds and helping customers by using Big Data and Cybersecurity. French multinational company specialized in insurance solutions is convinced that digital trends are the best option to achieve success. We support to accelerate the digitalization of their business functions particularly on Fraud Detection (Implementation of a Data Lake) and on the e-Rescue Project, Webapp […]