Central Bank

Application Development and Specialized Assistance For a Central Bank, a public law institution regulated by national and European laws, we provide application development, maintenance and assistance services. The application scope refers to applications based on multi-level architecture with service-oriented patterns and microservices. The task mode provision is based on the Function Point metrics.

Major Spanish Bank

Creation, Development and Tuning of an Architecture Framework For this Major Bank, the goal is to be the best open financial services platform in the world. We participated to create and tune the architecture framework to provide a continuously deployable solution. We supported the bank in Enterprise Architecture, Cloud and Development Expertise.

Major European Bank

Set up of a risk modeling platform In the context of the Convergence Program, in order to rationalize the data architecture around risk modeling and synthesis and to serve all Risk & Finance reporting: POC and implementation of the project to build a modeling platform for the Risk business line based on modern big data […]

Major international Bank

Accelerating Finance & Risk convergence We support a major international bank through various missions concerning the Finance, Risk & Regulatory support functions. We have contributed to the implementation of the Finance & Risk program aiming at the convergence of the Risk and Finance Platform and we are currently continuing to take into account the evolutions […]