Launching a nanosatellite with IoT payload We design & develop a nanosatellite that can be used as a gateway for IOT devices and so cover parts of the earth without network coverage. Set up of a team with many specialties : HW, Mechanical, Embedded SW, Enterprise application, QA. The satellite was launched on 22 March […]

Major defense player

Development for an inertial unit We support our client in the development of an inertial unit hybridized with GPS and baro-altimetric data for civil aeronautics and based on a multi-mode Kalman filter. This project stems from R&D and aims to industrialize the product. In this context, we support the project from preliminary design review to […]

Major defense player

Research & Technology service center for aerospace and defense activities The Software Engineering Department is in charge of the development of embedded software for aerospace and defense activities, for “Research & Development” and “Research & Technology” projects. We provide high-end expertise and participate to explore and prototype embedded systems for future airborne solutions (planes, helicopters), […]


For Landing systems: Validation and verification of the braking systems of the Airbus A350 With a team of close to 30 engineers, we supported Safran Landing System in the process of demonstrating the conformity of it Landing Gear System to Airbus specification. Throughout the 5 years of intensive development, we have also been involved in […]